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Forget your standard issued twin bed. Get a Full XL sized Tiger Bed from us, and we'll coordinate move in and move out. No more dealing with a bed you don't want.


Just order and sleep.

We'll handle the rest. 

Tiger Beds

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Quick facts:​​

  • Model: Sealy Whitewood Firm (mostly - some of the newer ones are memory foam now)

  • Size: Full XL

    • 54"x80"x9" (WxLxH)

    • 38% wider than a Twin​

    • Only 6" less than the width of a Queen

How Tiger Beds Work:


You Order


Picked Up

You Sleep

Set Up

Just Rent and sleep
We'll handle the rest

What We Do For You:


The whole set up brought right to your room. You won't have to struggle to get the mattress up the stairs.

Set Up

Put your old twin in the hallway for the university to pick up and a student can set up your new full sized Tiger Bed right on top of the school issued frame so you don't get fined.

Pick Up

At the end of the year coordinate with us to get it all picked it up. Just sign up for pick up and pack your sheets. No shimmying the mattress into a moving truck.


After it gets picked up, it'll be kept in a storage facility so it's ready to be delivered again next year.

The Numbers:

Without Tiger Bed Rentals
  • Our mattress retail: $745 (with shipping and tax)

  • Our bed frame retail: $119

  • Cost of storage: $73(mattress) + $53(frame) + $30(pickup/delivery) + $10(mattress bag) x 3* summers

  • Hassle of doing it all separately

  • Financial commitment to mattress and storage each year

  • Total: $1362+ Hassle + Financial Commitment 

Tiger BeDS
  • The Tiger Bed

  • Our bed frame

  • Included move in

  • Included set up

  • Included move out

  • No hassle

  • Year to year flexibility

  • Total: $350

*Assumes costs for a freshman


The only point you probably care about: If you're a new Tiger Bed customer who signed up for a 2019-2020 rental and won't get their Tiger Bed due to these changes you will receive a full-refund to whichever card you used to pay for the Tiger Bed originally.

Below is the full story you probably don't care about, but just in case (it's actually pretty interesting):

How this all started to get confusing and messy:

My name is Adam Hardej and I graduated from Princeton in 2017. I started Tiger Beds at Princeton the Summer before my Senior year (June 2016). After graduating I set out to expand the bed rental business to schools across the country. In January 2018 I partnered with a Dartmouth alum (he had run a similar business at Dartmouth) as a co-founder and COO in what we planned to be a national bed rental company. We raised some money and set out to expand. Everything went well and we were able to expand to 10+ schools and hit all our revenue goals (even designed our own bed). By late August 2018 I had some other opportunities I was interested in pursuing and to be completely honest I wasn't getting along great with my new partner. I decided I wanted to step away from the business and in September 2018 I started to negotiate my exit. Fast forward to January 2019 and negotiations have completely fallen apart. They didn't want to run Tiger Beds. I later learned they planned to start a competing bed rental business at Princeton without me. I hadn't planned on running Tiger Beds and had/ have a full-time job. This left Tiger Beds in a sort of limbo from mid-January until late April. I apologize for customers being left in the dark in that period. 

What I thought was going to be our solution:

Changes in the school rules had altered the ability of Tiger Beds to serve Princeton Students. What had changed was that Tiger Beds was unable to get on campus to handle moving and storage ourselves and had also been unable to contract a University approved moving and storage provider to go on campus on our behalf because the University told those companies they weren't allowed to work with us. This resulted in us having to give ownership of the mattresses to the students that had them in their rooms. Some students then simply kept their Tiger Beds as owners and signed up for Moving and Storage. The students that weren't keeping them for this coming year were planned to be matched with other students who did want them rather than the having the mattresses simply be thrown away. The non-returning customers would then sign up with the Princeton Moving and Storage student agency to have their Tiger Bed moved out of their room, but rather than being brought to their new room this coming Fall it would go to the new customer they were matched with who's room information they would have given Moving and Storage instead of their own. This is was the plan that was sent to the 2018-2019 customers and I had even emailed school administrators to confirm that this plan was within the rules before moving forward. School administrators did not refute my plan or tell me that this was not within the rules.

What ended up happening:

After having moved forward with the plan outlined above the Princeton University Moving and Storage student agency changed their customer agreement in order to make my plan against the rules. They did not notify me of this - rather I was left to hear about this change through customers who were being told they could not send items to a room that wasn't theirs. Here is a screenshot of part of the Moving and Storage customer agreement from early May 2019 that I formulated my plan under:

Here is a screenshot of the same customer agreement a couple weeks later. They did not notify me of these changes which make my previous plan impossible: (link to the customer agreement page this comes from)

As you can see - a considerable amount of language was added that specifically prohibits the ability for old Tiger Bed customers to have their mattresses brought to new customers this coming Fall. When I asked the administration to comment on the rule change and why they did not let me know before hand they expressed that "We have never had the practice of transferring stored items from one student to the next; the reasons this would be impractical or problematic for a business are obvious to me- the moving and storage operation is complex enough without adding a complicated additional element of proposed ownership and/or destination of items transferring in the process. We are not changing our practice, but rather making clear our limitations at the very start of the business transactions with students." and "While I understand you may have a different point of view about how a particular agency could be run, in the end it’s at the direction of the PSA director specifically and our office more generally. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to engage in further discussions about this at this time of the year with many important, time-sensitive deadlines looming. Many thanks for your understanding of my position on this."

To shed some light on my "different point of view" I'd like to point out that Princeton Universities student agencies offer multiple services (largely performed by the same groups of movers and stored in the same place) that do the exact "practice of transferring stored items from one student to the next". Chief among the services that do exactly that is Dorm Furnishings, which... could it be... now as Tiger Beds has been pushed off out of business... rents out Full XL mattresses for the duration of the school year with move-in and move-out included... DUHN DUHN DUHN

Wait, wait, wait - you mean to say they changed the rules to shut Tiger Beds down and then started to do the same exact thing? Yes. Yes that is what I mean to say.

But it must at least be run by other Princeton students that will be making money on this now? Nosiree Bob. Bringing it all the way back to the beginning of this story - this new service is actually run by the Dartmouth grad I had partnered with when I was hoping to expand this service with. I don't know the details of what they worked out, but I'd bet my bottom dollar that the Princeton students moving these beds will get paid minimum wage. 

I'd also like to point out the darkly comical point that the photo they're using to market this new mattress rental service is from a photoshoot I helped coordinate and attended with my then partner. Don't believe me? There's no way? Here's a photo of me with my eyes closed at the photoshoot. A simpler time. (notice the blue and white comforter - look familiar?)


In conclusion, I'd like to thank all of my customers (and their parents) for being incredibly patient with me and Tiger Beds over the last few years. I truly am sorry for any stress this has caused people who expected more from the service or got caught up in the whirlwind of it getting shut down. When I first started Tiger Beds as a rising senior I never expected for it to catch on the way it did and I really appreciate everyone who took a chance trying it out.

Thank you and see you at reunions.



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