Give the Gift of Sleep

     College can be a stressful place. Each day of a student's four year experience is filled with classes, homework, studying, friends, and fun. In the midst of a student's day to day busyness, sleep often cannot be a priority and the number of hours a student sleeps can become less and less. Multiple studies have found the importance of a good night's sleep and it's something we've all felt. Unfortunatley, we know that getting more sleep isn't always an option when you have due dates to meet and classes to wake up for. Therefore, our goal is to make whatever amount of hours a student can devote to sleep as productive as possible. 

     The Twin XL mattress that each student recieves is as basic as a mattress comes. Although it provides the bare necessities, it often leaves users uncomfortable. For a student who can't get as much sleep as they should, each hour becomes more important and an uncomortable mattress can cut into those valuable hours. It is common practice for students to buy mattress pads to compensate for the the mattresses shortfalls. However, mattress pads only put a bandaid on the issue and can result in back pain due to inconsistent support.

     With our service you can give the gift of a good nights sleep to the Princeton student you're close to who really needs it. Whether it's a son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, nephew, niece, or just a friend, this will be the most useful gift they could get.

     All you need to do is click on the Rent Now button to see our Tiger Bed package. Just give us the student's contact information and we'll handle the rest. Still not convinced? Click the button below to see some studies about the benefits of a good nights sleep and the importance of having the right mattress.