The whole enchilada - as in the entire Tiger Bed package for Fall 2019 with costs of delivery, set up, and pick up included. In response to changes in school policies in regards to Tiger Beds the customer will own the bed once it is delivered, but Tiger Beds will help in coordinating all moving and set up efforts. Please email with any questions.

Fall Semester (2019-2020)

  • The Tiger Bed is a Sealy Whitewood Cushion Firm Full XL mattress. It's a full XL sized mattress (54"x80") which means it's 6" away from being the width of a Queen and the same length of a Twin XL so it can fit easily into a dorm room. We chose a firm mattress because it allows our customers who like it firm to leave it as it is and others to add a mattress pad if they like it a bit softer. The mattress is 9" thick and uses an innerspring design with Sealy Classic Coils made of durable titanium alloy to provide a balance of comfort and support to help you sleep comfortably all night long. In additiont to the coils, a layer of gel memory foam conforms to your body and promotes a cooler sleep environment, and the Sealy SolidEdge HD System creates a solid mattress edge for sitting and maximizes the usable bed surface.