University Regulations

Furniture in your room:

The University rules state that the school issued Twin XL bed frame must stay in your room, which is why we will break down the frame and store it under your new bed for you. On the other hand, the school issued mattress is not required to stay in the room and they will even come pick it up for you.

Here's a quote straight from the University Housing & Real Estate Services Dormitory and Annex Regulation web page (in the Furniture section):

"Every room comes with six standard pieces of furniture: a bed frame, mattress, desk, desk chair, dresser and bookcase. In spaces without a built in closet, a wardrobe is provided and must remain secured to the wall. You may request that Building Services at (609) 258-3490 remove the mattress, but the bed frame and other pieces must remain in the room.

You may not accept furniture from another dormitory room, and no furniture may be removed from a dormitory room. You are responsible for the loss of or damage to University property provided for your use, including the furniture in your accommodations."

Tiger Beds are not categorized as "furniture from another dormitory room." Rather, we are under the same regulation as bringing any sort of extra furniture from home such as a couch or a chair. Therefore we are fully within the University's regulations and have even confirmed this fact with administrators. 

Moving and Storage on campus:

The rules explain that the solicitation, commercial sale, and operation of any off-campus business concern, which would include Tiger Beds, must comply with Rights, Rules, Responsibilities and all applicable University policy. One such policy is the Use of External Storage Companies and Permissible Moving Vehicles for Residents of Undergraduate Housing Policy, briefly outlined on Undergraduate Housing’s Move In page and Move Out page. In short, any vendor providing moving services within the dormitories, or elsewhere on-campus must meet a list of criteria in order to be an "approved vendor".

Tiger Beds is not an approved vendor and therefore cannot provide moving services on campus. We have also been unable to contract with an approved moving and storage company resulting in us having to give ownership of the Tiger Beds to the students who currently have them so that they can sign up with moving and storage on their own if they so choose. However, in order to not leave customers to their own devices for move-outs we will be helping them to sign up for an approved moving and storage option and will provide them with a considerable refund to cover any inherited costs. For customers that would simply like to keep the Tiger Bed they have it's as simple as sending it to their room in the Fall. For customers who don't want their Tiger Beds next year we will manage the matching process so the Tiger Bed goes to someone who wants it rather than it simply being thrown out.

As always, please contact with any questions or concerns and we'll get right back to you!